Girl Gets Video Of Meek Mill In Night Club Singing Drake "Fake Love"

Meek Mill cannot be spelled without the L’s, the joke everyone’s tossing around the internet. The Philly Hip Hop artist can not escape the shadow of the humongous, grammy-winning diss record Drake put out last year, Back 2 Back.   Another buckshot from the 12-guage blast of Drizzy has just been uncovered. A rap video model slyly recorded Meek Mill at a nightclub singing Drake’s song “Fake Love” as he turned to look at something behind him.

It appears Meek’s holding no ill-will towards the Toronto icons music.  After all the “More Life” album’s singles are all getting streamed millions of times and played everywhere.  To try and avoid Drizzy in 2017 would be pointless and make life hard to enjoy.

Girls gets video of Meek Mill Singing Drake "Fake Love" in nightclub
Girls gets video of Meek Mill Singing Drake “Fake Love” in nightclub

Who the model is and location of the video is unknown according.   Meek’s luck with everyone seems to be on egg shells as he’s been getting hounded by fans of Drake at every turn of his life.    The latest scene with Mill ended up with him having to fight an airport employee in St.Louis, Missouri [read details here].

Watch the video of Meek singing above here on Popular Hip Hop.  Share the story, spread the ‘Fake Love.’


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