Jewish Gang "67 Youngers" Beat Brakes Off Rival London Gang Member


If you never knew how the streets of London get down when it is gang time, this should give you an idea.   When the gangs look like they just walked out of a church meeting, it’s clear that things are a bit more organized and can be unexpected by foreign eyes.   According to a video on YouTube and many commenters that recognize the crew, here is the viral video of Jewish Gang “67 Youngers” beating up a rival gang member.

Jews people bang?

Apparently so and they do it in a fashion that Chicago’s most dangerous gangs would co-sign and approve.   They beat the brakes off a guy and his moped for riding through their block during unwanted times.

According to video credits this is a video of the gang called 67 Youngers banging on a member of the “Ard Adz” rival gang.    Some people in the comments of the video think the rival is from another gang in London.

Location of the beating is guessed to be Tottenham or Stamford Hill , where a large Jewish presence is known to reside.

Jewish Gang 67 Youngers Beat Up Rival London Gang member
Jewish Gang 67 Youngers Beat Up Rival London Gang member

In the United States Jewish gang also exist but they are much more elusive and discrete with such war-time matters.  It’s a known fact the US has a mafia branch of Jews that once controlled Hollywood and is one reason actors started associating with gangs and mobs, seeking protection.

At the end of the video you can even see what may be a ‘gun shot flash’ as one Jewish man pulls something from his trench coat and aims it towards the victim as a car enters, blocking camera view.

Watch the video above and comment below if you recognize where they are from.



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