"Kendrick Lamar Sings The Hits," New Album With K.Dot Singing Covers

Kendrick Lamar may not be making new rap albums at the moment, but he is working on a compilation.  The Compton MC and debately best of rap today, has put his eye sight on other genres of music now. Perhaps bored with the direction of Hip Hop, he’s now going to use his melodic voice for other forms of music.     The commercial for his “Kendrick Lamar Sings The Hits”  compilation has just been published on YouTube.

What’s on this compilation?

K Dot is singing a long list of the best singles from the last few years.  Drake “Controlla,” Taylor Swift “Shake It Off,” Rihanna “Work,” and even the throwback “1, 2 Step” from Ciara are a few singles from the record set.

Kendrick Lamar "Sings The Hits" compilation cover artwork
Kendrick Lamar “Sings The Hits” compilation cover artwork

The project will not be sold on CD. Instead, going with the stoic vibe of the past, ‘Kendrick Lamar Sings The Hits’ is going to be pressed on album vinyl and double casette packages.

A joke…. This is not a real infomercial but it is a great release of energy through laughter.  The informercial for K.Dot is a comedy skit put together by Genius and has been going viral the last few days.

Watch K.Dot as he ‘Sings the Hits,’ in the video above.


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