Kevin Hart Dances Kinda Millie Rocks to Rick Ross New Song "Trap Trap Trap"

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Super comedian Kevin Hart does not miss a day in the gym and he needs the proper music to get the appropriate pump and value from his exercising.   He showed fans today that his latest playlist hit is Rick Ross “Trap Trap Trap” featuring Wale and Young Thug.  The song Rozay stole [read story here] from Drake’s new rapper had Hart spazzing out.   Doing some sort of ‘Millie Rock’ type dance,  swinging the arms.  Dancers may need to update their moves as it could be the new wave.

The video post of course has since had a ton of views.  On Hart’s instagram the video has nearly 500k views and Rick Ross re-posted the video as well. On the Maybach Music Group bosses’ profile the video’s had over 260k plays in under 14 hours.  In total, there will be over 1 million plays by the end of 24 hours, an amazing number when you think of how long it took people to reach 1-million viewers before the internet, just 25 years ago.

The ‘Millie Rock’ Kevin Hart is doing is likely a joke but he looks pretty focused in the video.   The comedian is said to have serious dance moves as displayed in other videos ubt this performance was hopefully pure entertainment.

Kevin Hart 'Millie Rock' Dances To Rick Ross "Trap Trap Trap" in Gym
Kevin Hart ‘Millie Rock’ Dances To Rick Ross “Trap Trap Trap” in Gym


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