Kodak Black – Tunnel Vision

If burning a cross offends you, this is not the video for you.  However, it’s interesting to see how the Klu Klux Klan did it for years without finding themselves reputed by America, enough to disband themselves.   Rapper Kodak Black released the official “Tunnel Vision” music video, and it’s utilizing some of these historical contradictions to push his message.

TV is not not just a song, it’s a statement from the young Florida rapper.

“Lil Kodak they don’t like to see you winning / They wanna see you in the penitentiary / I need me a lil baby who gon’ listen / Girl I don’t wanna be the one you diggin / My momma told me boy make a decision /  Right now I gotta keep a tunnel vision,” read lyrics from the chorus.

Kodak Black performs 'Tunnel Vision' in front of a burning cross
Kodak Black performs ‘Tunnel Vision’ in front of a burning cross

As Kodak sings in a melodic, serenading tone, his Haitian accent gives it animation.   As he preaches a message of doing the right thing, in world where people are against him, the video depicts the idealism of why. It’s simply ignorance and mental enslavement that comes with age.   A black and white man fight  with hatred towards each other, with no real reason beyond the idea of racism (a taught idea).  The two men stop fighting once the white man’s daughter yells “Stop It” because she only knows that violence is wrong.

A deep video, it’s received over 11.7 million plays since its release 6 days ago.  Over 271k clicked ‘like,’ on the YouTube video, while a mere 16.6k marked it dislike.

The official Kodak Black ‘Tunnel Vision’ music video can be played atop the page.  This was directed by Michael Garcia and the song was produced by  Atlanta’s top hit maker, Metro Boomin.


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