Michael Jordan Told Reggie Miller ′Never Talk To Black Jesus Like That,′ After 40 Points Scored

When you are a legend at your craft, a King amongst Kings, your story lives on forever.  In an interview with late night TV host, Jimmy Kimmel, a story of the greatest to ever touch a basketball court was told.   Reggie Miller told a story about how Michael Jordan ‘sonned’ him by outscoring the 3-point legend 40-2 after talking trash in an NBA game. After shutting down the Pacer’s Hall of Famer, Air Jordan told him ‘Never talk to Black Jesus like that’ when exiting the court with the win.

A great tale from the NBA history, Reggie Miller laughs about the story today.    He told Jimmy Kimmel he was a young gun, fresh to the league giving MJ trouble the first half of the game, or so he thought.  A fan advised him to talk trash to Michael and that’s when things went bad.

“The great Michael Jordan? That’s right, there’s a new kid on town,” says Reggie [to Jimmy Kimmel] of what he first said to the NBA’s most dominant force ever.

According to the 3-point legend, after talking that trash, Michael Jordan just looked at him and shook his head in disappointment.  It was as if he was surprised Reggie Miller wasn’t smart enough to keep his mouth closed.  Reggie then tells Kimmel what transpired after that shaking of the head.

Reggie Miller Talks To Jimmy Kimmel About Trash Talking Michael Jordan
Reggie Miller Talks To Jimmy Kimmel About Trash Talking Michael Jordan

“At half, I have 10 [points], and he has 4 points.  I’m doing all this talking.  End of the game, the 2nd half, he ended up with 44 [points] and… And I ended up with 12.  So he outscored me 40-2.”

A serious change of tides, Michael Jordan dominated the second half of the game after Reggie talked his trash.  He gave Miller defense he could not score against and offense, Reggie could not deny.

Miller continues his story, “As he’s walking off, he’s like… Be sure, be careful you never talk to Black Jesus like that.”

“Did you ever do that again?” questioned Jimmy Kimmel after the story.

Miller promptly responds, “Never to Michael Jordan!”

A hilarious tale of the NBA’s most dominant player ever by another league legend, it goes to show you the importance of knowing your place in the peckng order.  Some people are great at what they do but still need to respect the Alpha of their class.

Watch the Reggie Miller interview by Jimmy Kimmel here on Popular Hip Hop. Click play on the clip above if you are a fan of basketball.


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