Police Almost Get Black Man Killed, Arresting Him Instead of Crackhead Thief

Well here is a story that’s actually somewhat of a positive ending.  As many sites publicize drama that help further a negative stereotype, here’s something that’s drama with a positive twist but still a huge problem. A crackhead in New York tried to steal a working man’s pay check and karma came back in seconds.  However well it ends for him getting his paycheck back, then the Police endanger the victim’s life for doing their job, holding the thief.

The video starts off showing a man in red, taking off running down the street as another records.

“He’s gone bro,” the person recording can be heard saying. He continues describing what’s happening, thinking the drug addicted thief would get away.

“This one’s out. This one’s out”

Then karma strikes, as the thief is speeding away.  He trips and the victim catches up.

“They’re in the street. Ooh they’re in the street bro,” then says the man recording.

After repeating the same thing a few times, caught into the action, he runs to the unfolding situation.  Then the victim can be seen atop the thief, pounding the crackhead until he releases his paycheck.  As bystanders see what’s going on, they think it’s a basic fight where the victim is the abuser because he’s Black and a lot bigger than the thief.  Then he explains.

“Well [you all] saw he hit me,” he says.

The thief wants to get away but it’s over. The victim holds him down for the police to arrive.

Man holds down thief in left photo; Right photo, police hold victim's arms as thief takes swipe at this neck
Man holds down thief in left photo; Right photo, police hold victim’s arms as thief takes swipe at this neck

Others who witnessed the ATM snatching called the police, who arrive ready to arrest both men.  After it’s explained by other white people the thief attacked the larger black male, who was trying to deposit his paycheck, they immediately release his arm from behind his back.  It’s questionable what they would have done otherwise, sadly enough.

Why the police were wanting to arrest the victim without questioning both first is unknown.  Their poor judgement event allowed the attacker a chance to swipe at the victim’s neck during their falsely started arrest procedure [ see film at 1:35 ].

There are several instances of shootings where officers do not do the same to white men who were the aggressor in far worse situations.   Prime examples would be ‘Kevin’ the California Officer who shot at teens recently [see here] , Dylan Roof who got burger king after committing a massive shooting, and of course, the now infamous George Zimmerman.


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