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PHH is following the story of Toronto’s new underdog rap crew, SAFE, very closely.  While Mo G is no longer a part of the group, the crew has stayed down on the internet, pushing their rap music for some years now.  Drake took notice when singles “Trap House” and “Pull Up” caught fire in the streets of Toronto and now they are somehow affiliated to OVO, though not clear how.  First Smoke Dawg dropped and now another member from the crew uploaded a new visual on YouTube.  The well-anticipated, official Puffy L’z “RiRi” music video released.

The song itself, which is titled after Rihanna, uses metaphorical wordplay off the names of people famous in Pop culture.  L’z calls Rihanna a Queen essentially saying she works hard and he wants a girlfriend on that same train of thought.

Puffy says also, he likes French girls who move the ‘work’ (Cocaine), which is white like Madonna, and nicknames them “Montanas.”  The “French Montana” play may slide past some, but it’s all about proper nouns on this hook.

Puffy L'z flies his blue flag during laundromat scene in  "RiRi" music video [2017]
Puffy L’z flies his blue flag during laundromat scene in “RiRi” music video [2017]

The music video appears to be shot at various locations around the Toronto blocks PL’z is from.  Flying a blue flag, he’s letting people know he bangs Crip off top in this video, flashing a clip of himself doing the gang culture’s famous C-walk.    Rapping in a laundromat most of the video, the second ‘shot’ of Puffy L’z in the new rap video showcase him performing in, on, or around the new Bentley it appears Team SAFE has acquired through dealings with Drake and possibly their deal with Converse [read here].

Watch the official Puffy L’z music video for new single “RiRi” above, here on PopularHipHop.com.


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