Young Dolph Announces "Bulletproof" Album After Car Shot 100+ Times In Charlotte


Rapper Young Dolph had his private SUV shot up in Charlotte during NCAA weekend events [ full story here ].  It didn’t stop him from performing his hit song “Play Wit Yo B*tch,” a diss aimed at Yo Gotti.   The rapper went to his show fearless and had the crowd feel his rebellious attitude, joining in on every word of his hit diss track.   Now, after that shooting, he has been inspired one more time.  Young Dolph announced his new ‘Bulletproof’ album and even released a promotional commercial demonstrating how 1 million shots fired at him, wouldn’t move the Memphis boss.

“100 shots… in Charlotte… but I’m bullet proof… so fuck ’em … That’s how I feel.  I’m so real, I pray for my enemies,” says Dolph in the beginning of the commercial with a voice over.

As YD speaks the words, he steps out of a black SUV like the one that was shot up.   Also dressed in all black, he  and  the SUV are surrounded by gun casings on the ground everywhere.   He kicks the casings in a pair of designer loafers, laughing at the attempt on his life. It’s a visual message of defiance and letting his enemies know he will not be stopped.

Young Dolph brushes himself off as gun casings fall to ground outside shot up SUV
Young Dolph brushes himself off as gun casings fall to ground outside shot up SUV

He continues with the voicing over of the visual in the commercial, speaking on why his enemies want to see him down.

“I’m everything you wanna be.  So that’s why you envy me? I’m shaking my head.  Un-Huh!  It’s Dolph! Yeah… Bulletproof.”

The commercial ends with Dolph brushing himself off and announcing the “Bulletproof” album and gives it’s release date.  The project will release April 1st, 2017.


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