ASAP Rocky & Rihanna In Love, Have 1st Public Date on Yacht In Barbados

It’s been on the rumor block for a while now, but it’s confirmed for the Holiday season. Rihanna and ASAP Rocky are indeed an item. The two Hip-Hop superstars made it public this Holiday season. For Christmas 2020 the two went on a romantic cruise through the Caribbean, docking their millionaire-luxury yacht in RiRi’s home, the island of Barbados. got photos of the event ( see here ) where ‘Black’ seemed to be the color of choice. The Hip-Hop royalty topped the lavish color with drippings of gold and diamond jewelry.

Of course with the Covid-19 / Corona Virus pandemic still effecting the world, the two still had to accessorize with a mask. Both wore a simple, light blue nursing-style mouth and nose cover, which appear to be the disposable option offered by most travel companies today.

It’s said the two cruised around the island all Christmas Eve 2020, enjoying the Caribbean sunset in each other’s company.

Rumors have been floating about the two having chemistry since their hit single “Fashion Killa” (seen below). Those sparks the world noticed, while unnoticed by them perhaps, have turned out to be true.