Swae Lee Was Too High? Rapper Uploaded Sextape To IG & Deleted Later

Rapper Swae Lee of ‘Black Beatles’ super group, Rae Sremmurd, may be in hot water.  Especially after just being sponsored by the National Basketball Association (NBA) who is very serious about images they associate with.   The younger brother from the EarDrummers duo uploaded a video to Instagram today having sex with an unknown female.

“Oops!” sums up the feeling he must have had after uploading.  The alleged video was deleted within 30 minutes of being posted. However, once on the web, it is not going away and various outlets, such as PHH and HipHopHollywood.com have also taken notice.

The video features nothing more than the tattooed hands of the rapper, grabbing on the buttocks of a young woman in a tank top.  As she grinds atop the Hip Hop star, he simply keeps his composure and lets her do the work.  However the tattoo on the hand is very distinctive and so is the diamond ring on the male showoff’s hand.

The original video was deleted but a censored version can be seen below. A few fans captured the video playing on cell phone, using their own cell phone. That uncensored video can be seen on the PopularHipHop instagram: click here

This is not the first time Swae’s been caught up in a sex scandal either.  Just over 1 year ago a female posted a video of herself in bed with Swae Lee, after allegedly having relations.   The young caucasian female put his credibility behind song lyrics to hit single ‘No Type’ in jeopardy with many social media followers.  Many did not think she was the ‘bad b–ch’ SL claims to have been dating exclusively.


Some are saying  that this “Now that I know” singer is not wearing a condom in the video.  It’s heavily debatable and not something to over-study but hopefully so.    Another rumor afloat is that the girl featured is “Marlie Sia Ortiz” [ photos here ]