Swae Lee Was With Instagram Model Marlie Sia Ortiz When Sextape Was Made

Okay, so the news outlets are heating up on Swae Lee’s sex-tape story.   After a scandalous post and delete of an Instagram video which appears to be himself having a ‘romp’ with a light skin female, the internet has been buzzing.  PopularHipHop has found that during the day he released this video, Swae Lee was with Los Angeles Instagram model Marlie Sia Ortiz.

Connect the dots!

On Ortiz’ Instagram, the petite sized model has posted clues to where she was during that time. The same pet  pigs Swae Lee has boasted about on his page, were also on Sia’s page 2 days ago.

Even further, she posted a picture of Swae Lee putting her on a sink top (classically) with a hand on her left (in mirror) butt cheek.  The LA model buried her face in the shoulder of the Rae Sremmurd band member as if hiding, but obviously it’s her as she later uploaded the picture to Instagram.

Does Swae Lee know of all this?

It’s not clear if Swae was okay with all this or not but it would appear so.  He could easily have lawyers have the content pulled down.  None the less, he seems not bothered by the media storm.

Now, Marlie Ortiz has posted a video 2 days ago with the 2 pigs that Swae Lee has been keeping as pets.   The ‘trail’ of dates they were possibly together would leave Instagram followers to believe the 2are together. Judging by dates of Instagram activity, it’s highly possible they were together when the tape was made as well.

Either way, check her Instagram video and page out by clicking the video below. It’s a major upgrade from the last girl associated from his tour life.