DaBaby features The Game In New IG Photo, Hints at New Song “Game Time”

Rapper DaBaby is coming back from the pandemic in with a fury. Hip-Hop culture is possibly witnessing the hardest working rap artist since 2pac and Lil Wayne. The Charlotte-NC superstar, who’s still on the peak of a wave from 2 new music videos just released on YouTube, now hints at a collaboration with Compton’s The Game.

“Game Time” wrote DaBaby on his latest instagram photo. The flick features him and the Game in the studio recording. Various moments of the experience caught in still shot. Perhaps production is by “DJ Kid” as he’s to the side of Baby Jesus in 3rd of 8 photos.

It’s the 2nd photo which says the most however. The Game is highly critical of how rappers put their lyrics together. In the second shot, he’s making a stank face like he heard 8 bars that’s with a punch line that hit him like a Mike Tyson shot, back in the 1980s.

DaBaby appears to be zoned out, smoking and listening and comparing notes. Not even a single smile. Visually, It’s like he’s in Kobe’s Black Mamba mode, after winning 3 games of 4 in the NBA finals. It’s not ‘good’ until the new rap song’s released and the people crown it.

One thing’s for sure though. This new song from DaBaby featuring The Game, it is on the way. Game Time!