Pop Hunna Labeled A Snitch! PoPo Paperwork Surfaced, Snitched on a Murder He Saw

Just as he was becoming the last rapper to pop in 2020, it seems Pop Hunna may not make it into 2021. Not even if his “Mud Baby” album is quality music. His rap credit history just got tarnished.

According to HotNewHipHop.com, paperwork of a Pennsylvania police report shows the North Philly rapper ‘snitched’ when on some criminal activity at 14-years-old. Apparently he witnessed a murder. This heavily contradicts his rap lyrics, where he talks of living under the “G-Code, ” submerged into the street life.

20 years of age today as of 2020, the rapper born in the year 2000, is only 6 years past the time of the alleged ‘snitching’ was done. However, with logical sense , at 14-years-old he was a child at the time. One would question why he was a witness to a murder so early.

Since the news has hit the web, Lil Uzi Vert has supposedly asked his vocals be removed from Pop Hunna’s album “Mud Baby” and the single “Corvette Corvette (Aderall).” The music video may even get pulled.

Further backlash is still coming. North Carolina rapper Toosii is getting questioned by fans (video response) on why he would do a song with a snitch. Others associated are sure to be next in line.