“Another One” – Remy Ma Disses Nicki Minaj… Again

At this point, these two New York native female MC’s have been beefing for a little over a week. Remy Ma began this rap feud by sending bars targeted towards Nicki, due to a misunderstanding between the artists, on her track entitled, “Shether”. The original diss track took one of the most notable diss tracks in history by Nas, “Ether”. Remy Ma didn’t exactly deliver bars worthy of the title, but the disses stuck regardless.

Everyone waited patiently for Nicki Minaj to respond to Remy Ma’s heated lyrics; however, no one ever heard anything from Nicki. She seems to have strayed away from the entire beef but Remy was having none of this. Remy Ma has since then released yet another diss track targeting Nicki.

The track is titled “Another Way” and draws from Drake’s controversial diss track towards Meek Mill, “Back to Back”. The tracks are similar only in the intro but they don’t stray too far from each other in terms of bashing their opponents. Remy Ma is clearly looking to provoke Nicki into responding and maybe this time Nicki will hear her call.

By now everyone knows about this beef but we know that Nicki is not one to just roll over. She had beef early on in her career with Lil Kim but that situation didn’t end too well for the Kim. She’s a shadow of what she used to be and Nicki Minaj still dominates charts whenever she drops a single. On paper, this beef doesn’t look to good for Remy Ma but she’s still antagonizing Nicki.

The ammunition that has been brought by Remy Ma is something we haven’t seen in a mainstream beef in quite a while. Drake didn’t even demolish Meek Mill the way that Nicki is being done. Honestly, Nicki can stand to take this loss and move on. At the end of the day, her sales won’t be affected and her pride probably won’t take a hit at all; however, being the MC that she is, I doubt she’ll let this go unpunished.