DaBaby – Ball If I Want To ( official video)

DaBaby has returned from the pandemic, and he’s coming out swinging for the fences. A leaked sample of the North Carolina rapper’s single ‘Ball If I want to’ went viral over the last 45 days. DaBaby is responding to that demand. The ‘Ball If I Want To’ music video has been released.

Pay attention closely to who’s directing the videos now. Baby Jesus is no longer performing under the direction of Reel Goats. Instead DaBaby is directing and producing videos himself. Co-production credits are given to an editor of his BDB entertainment label, Instagram user @Gemini.one1.

This music video is high energy, just like the new song itself. There’s dancing, a lot of sexual innuendo, and DaBaby himself is going next level GoKu, super-saiyan.

Watch the video above.


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