DaBaby – Gucci Peacoat

Rapper DaBaby leaves us with another heart felt rap tune, involving yet again a tragedy within his family. If not aware, this brother “G” killed himself [ read here ] just a short time ago. The Charlotte-native, real name Glenn Johnson, suffered from mental issues for quite some time according to the rapper. His last moments seen alive were unfortunately, shared on social media.

Johnson went on Facebook Live saying “I don’t give a f–k. I don’t. It’s not going to hurt me to die. It’s not going to hurt me to live. But I’m tired of living. I’m tired of submitting myself to the cause of human rights that don’t mean sh-t to me. I’m tired, i’m done with the sh-t. So that my life, be a muthafu–in’ example for you f–ks. You fu-ks that think, got there just because you famous. You fu-ks that think…… Man look. You see this? [shows bloody hand]. I’m at peace n–ga. So you muthafu–ers be a peace. And f–k you.”

A rough reality of today, some thing that should not be on-line will forever be seen by family members and friends of the deceased.

The family of Johnson still loved him through his struggles however. DaBaby gave ‘G’ a King’s funeral and this new tribute song, ‘Gucci Peacoat,” in remembrance of the slain North Carolinian.


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