DJ Khaled – Nas Album Done ( ft. Nas )

When you speak of Popular Hip Hop, here is a person that’s the epitome of the title. Existing on the rap scene for over 2 decades. Linking up with one of today’s Social media geniuses, PHH presents the official DJ Khaled “Nas Album Done” music video, featuring a King of Hip Hop, Nas.

What’s the single about?

This is classic rap music, with Nasty Nas spewing knowledge and wisdom all over a modified sound of the past, brought forward. As DJ Khaled says, he’s giving lyrics that are ‘forever’ and timeless.

“line sniffer… never” raps Mr Esco on one of the opening lines. This could be a shot of some the new, always drugged up rappers.

Nas and DJ Khaled pose in front of Carnival Dancing Girls of Jamaica

Shot in Jamaica, the video showcases Nas performing on the back blocks of reggae legend Bob Marley’s home country. Across beaches, inside a small community, with some of Jamaica’s famous carnival dancers, and more both Nasir and DJ Khaled showcase a vacation and politic-ing.

Ox from Belly even joined the video shoot, conversing with DJ Khaled on how the two can spread love to the world.

Watch the “Nas Album Done” music video above. Share.Girls of Jamaican Carnivale Festival dance to ‘Nas Album Done’


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