Kodak Black – Too Many Years (feat. PNB Rock)

Haiti’s Prince and Hip Hop’s new Florida prodigy put in some work before going back to jail.   Another music video has been released by the “Tunnel Vision” rapper and the actual song itself was already rolling up charts on and off-line.   The official Kodak Black “Too Many Years” music video featuring PNB Rock was finally released.

“I done gave the jails, too many years / Years that I won’t get back / And I swear I done shed too many tears / For n–gas that I won’t get back” sings PNB Rock on a very emotionally-connected chorus.

The “Too Many Years” single is all about the negative paths the two rappers walked before finding successful careers in Hip Hop music.   The in and out of prison, the violence that took lives of people they cared about, and emotional damage done by it all. Kodak Black and PNB Rock sing “Too Many Years” [ music video performance ]The TMY music video features tree settings.  PNB Rock sings in front of the tombstone of a dead friend from Philadelphia, relaying the realness of the lyrics in connection to himself.   As he smokes a blunt to quail the damaged emotions he feels, B-role images of prisons and jails are flashed reiterate how too many people are locked up for being victims to a game that’s set up for them to fail.

Apparently shot some time ago, the video flashes back to when Kodak Black had dreadeds in Bantu Knots (hairstyle).  A bit overweight, he himself had just been released from prison. Dressed in gold and a blue suit, he performs his verses on what appears to be a firescape in a dark street alley.   B-Role of him in court flash in between the performance scene.

Watch the Kodak Black x PNB Rock “Too Many Years” video atop the story.

Kodak Black getting arrested after trial, taken back to county jail


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