Troy Ave – Never Switch

Rapper Troy Ave has been battling with legal woes and health issues to continue his career in music. A Hip Hop warrior of sorts, he’s staying down with his music craft, championing the hurdles tossed in his path. Outworking most artists, the BSB founder just released the official “Never Switch” music video for fans to continue buzzing about the ‘NuPac’ album.

Two things stand out about this video:
1) Troy Ave’s got his son in it, both dressed in Knicks colors
2) The model is wearing an Golden State Warriors tee shirt, suggesting he’s down for Team Curry-Klay-Durant

A simple visual, this “Never Switch” music video gives fans something rather fun to watch.  TA’s playing basketball and dancing around to his music, which speaks on his lack of consistent support.  The tune is an ode dedicated to those that left him to die, physically and spiritually.

Watch the official video above and drop a comment below.


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